Welcome to CityTaxi
Our name is a simple way to describe our philosophy. We are not continuing to choose the right skill, we can do it with quality, seriousness and professionalism of the taxi service, like never before in Albania. Our motto is “Everywhere and Anytime”, to write more …

Obtaining the Address
We get our customers on time, 24/7 available.

Towards the Airport
1500 lek round trip & 2200 lek round trip arrival, with 30 min waiting.

Great distance
Best fixed prices in the market outside Tirana.

Taxi trips
Inside Tirana we work only with taximeter

Our benefits
Fixed Prices

When you choose Take Taxi you have chosen a high standard of service. We offer these standards because we value our customers. So far our company only with word of mouth has taken positive steps towards success.
At elite Taxi we know what it means to take an unclean taxi and travel with an unsympathetic, or rude driver. All our drivers are dedicated to the cleanliness of the vehicle and are happy to serve you correctly and safely while you travel.
elite TAXI “Five Stars” is the leading company which changed the concept of taxi service in Albania. Established in January 2012, elite TAXI set international standards for taxi service for the first time at extremely competitive prices. Offering 24 hour service 365 days a year, elite TAXI “Five Stars” cars can be found in more than 10 taxi stations in Tirana. If you need to get to your destination quickly and want to get the best quality service, call the available numbers 24 hours a day, or book your trip online.

Best fixed prices in the market outside Tirana. or
Jo Fee
We do not guarantee a fixed price and you do not have to baptize extras.

We have many clients who highly valued us. or
Wherever you are
Our application is the simplest way to book a taxi
contact us:
355 67 814 8917
We created taxis to tell you to do a better service and give a higher quality, at any time and without any other problem